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Thank you for offering code contribution!

So you want to contribute code to our projects? Did you fix a bug we have? Do you suggest a new feature? Are there things, which can be improved with your contribution?

This is great. Thank you! We're excited to find out what you're offering to add.

p≡p has a quite complex license management. We want to support as many projects as possible, so they can implement Privacy by Default. Therefore, p≡p is publishing software under multiple licenses, depending on case, adapting to the needs of the projects using software from the p≡p project. But whatever we do, there's always one guarantee:

All software is also published under a GNU License as Free Software, without exception.

Only by doing so p≡p can guarantee all software remains free.

To make this possible, we need to ask you for the allowance to do that. That's why we need your agreement, that you hand over the copyright on your code contribution. In return we guarantee that if we take your contribution into one or several of our projects, we will publish the full result as Free Software under a GNU License again.

Because p≡p is a privacy project, your rights for privacy are of course respected. We're happy to get to know who your are and—if you want to—mention you in our contributors list. If you don't want that, you're invited to contribute anonymously.

How do you want to contribute?