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If you're already a registered contributor, then you can find information about the state of development of the p≡p project you're interested in by either browsing the repo or the ticket system of the project you're interested in, or by sending an email to the maintainer.

Please use this directory for finding the needed links:

Software projects of p≡p

Software project URL Maintainer Email


p≡p contribution website p≡p development team


client implementation for p≡p update server p≡p development team


Hagrid is a verifying OpenPGP key server. When a new key is uploaded a token is sent to each user ID via email. This token can be used to verify the user ID. Keys can be queried by their verified user IDs (exact match) and their primary keys fingerprint. Keys can be deleted by clicking a link send to all user IDs. Neal H. Walfield


p≡p I-Ds (IETF Internet-Drafts) p≡p development team


Platform-independent connection and server settings configuration p≡p development team


C++ library for common structures used in p≡p adapters p≡p development team


fork of netpgp (iOS adaptions and fixes) p≡p development team


fork of pantomime (iOS adaptions) p≡p development team


p≡p Windows Desktop adapter p≡p development team


The p≡p engine p≡p development team

pEp for Android

p≡p for Android mobile app p≡p development team

pEp for iOS

p≡p for iOS mobile app p≡p development team

pEp for Outlook

p≡p for Outlook Plugin p≡p development team

pEp for Thunderbird

p≡p for Thunderbird p≡p development team


p≡p JNI adapter, usable on Android and with J2SE and J2EE implementations p≡p development team


p≡p JSON adapter, C++ module for Desktop adapters and Miniadapter p≡p development team


p≡p macOS Desktop adapter p≡p development team


p≡p MIME library p≡p development team

pEp Mixmailer

p≡p Mixmailer project for metadata protection in messaging p≡p development team


p≡p Objective-C (and Swift) adapter p≡p development team


p≡p Python adapter p≡p development team


Sequoia is a cool new OpenPGP implementation. It consists of several crates, providing both a low-level and a high-level API for dealing with OpenPGP data. Neal H. Walfield


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